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decides i want my black sea fleet, i want my crimea, and i want defense industries in eastern ukraine? what are you going to do, ukraine? i will raise your price of gas to make it very hard for you or shut it off. gerri: wow. >> the pressure is really going to be on the united states, if something like that plays out, what kt just mentioned right now, we'll have to do something. may be a repeat what happened with the berlin crisis in the late 1940s. >> airlift. >> we may have to do something like that if russia declares this is part of russia. gerri: great conversation. unfortunately we'll get wendell goler at the white house. unfortunately kt has to leave us. she i will be on lou dobbs later tonight where i know you will talk all about that. thank you so much. great to see you. go to the white house and wendell goler. are you there, sir? what are you doing? >> unfortunately we'll get wendell goler into this? listen the president just addressed this as you well know, you aired it, mr. obama spoke after ukraine's united nations ambassador confirmed earlier reports that folks with russi
in sevastpol. russia's defense ministry claims
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2